martes, 13 de marzo de 2018

¡Levantaos! (13 de marzo de 1933)

Abduxaliq Uyghur

El poeta uigur Abduxaliq Uyghur fue ejecutado por el gobierno chino por haber escrito un poema titulado «¡Levantaos, pobres uigur!» (Oyghar!). Aquí tenéis la traducción al inglés del poema (traducido por Abdurahim Ayitbayev):


Hey, poor Uyghur, wake up, it is enough to sleep,
Now you have nothing, the only thing to lose is your life.
If you do not rescue yourself from death,
Ah, your condition will be fatal, will be fatal.

Stand up! I say you, raise your head, wake up of your dream.
Cut the head of your enemy, spill his blood!
If you do not open your eyes and look about,
You will die asleep one day, that is your only chance.

Already, your body looks like lacking a soul,
May be that is why you do not care much about death?
I am calling you, but you are lying motionless,
Do you want to die asleep?

Take a broad view of things, look about,
Think well about your future.
If this chance is lost,
Your future will be bad, will be bad.

I worry so much about you, hey, my Uyghur,
My trench mate, my brother, my relative.
I am worrying about you, I am waking you up,
But you do not listen to me at all, what is wrong with you?!

The day will come, you will be so sorry,
Then, you will understand the real meaning of my words.
You will say "Oh", but it will be late.
Then, Uyghur, you will think about my calls.

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